Enjoy The Sydney Vivid Festival 2024 with Our Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

From 24 May to 15 June 2024, people from all corners of the globe are invited to unite at the Sydney Vivid Festival. However, for an even more spectacular experience, why not enjoy it from the deck of an authentic tall ship? In this article, we’ll provide you with an overview of the festival’s current theme, what you can expect from the festival and the considerations to keep in mind if you decide to book a Sydney harbour dinner cruise with us.

What is the Sydney Vivid Festival?

The Sydney Vivid Festival, with a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise on the tall ship

If you haven’t heard yet, every year, Sydney hosts one of the most innovative events in New South Wales, and transforms into a playground of colourful light art after dark – the Sydney Vivid Festival

This annual celebration continues to draw in thousands of enthusiastic guests, from all across Australia and overseas to participate and enjoy the spectacle.

Here, Sydney’s iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Customs House, and Sydney Opera House are transformed into unforgettable light shows. Through 3D projections created by highly acclaimed international artists, the event offers people the opportunity to connect, share stories, and immerse themselves in art installations, music, great conversations, and right food to match.

However, for a truly unique experience, nothing beats stepping aboard an authentic tall ship and enjoying the views from the harbour decks. Thanks to Sydney Harbour dinner cruise, you can witness the sails of the Opera House in all their glory, offering a mesmerising perspective unlike any other.

Sydney Vivid’s Theme of the Year

In this year’s theme, we celebrate humanity. In a world where we need each other more than ever before, we celebrate the essence that makes us human. 

According to Festival Director Gill Minervini, here’s what this year’s theme represents:

Through love, kindness, compassion, and, most importantly, creativity, we can progress forward through creative expression. 

Whether it be through storytelling, art, music, or food, to create a world together without boundaries, discrimination, and inequality, fostering a community of individuals united in purpose.

What to Expect

The last Sydney Vivid Festival, ‘Naturally’, paid homage to nature’s beauty, strength, and resilience by featuring a stunning mix of 3D projection mapping and interactive lighting. The vessels on Sydney Harbour were also adorned with specially-coloured LED lights, extending the show to the water.

This year, audiences can expect another incredible display, perhaps even more spectacular when enjoying a dinner cruise on one of our authentic tall ships. Indeed, the view becomes even more breathtaking, cruising to see Sydney as it’s meant to be viewed from the water.

With a yearly change in respective theme, we can anticipate our beloved city icons to undergo a mesmerising metamorphosis into canvases of light.

Here, you can join other travellers on a 90-minute cruise on Sydney Harbour’s waters. Our tall ship vessels, the Soren Larsen and the Southern Swan are available for the cruise and offer a unique perspective of the festival’s light works that can’t be found anywhere else on foot.

During your 90-minute cruise with Sydney Tall Ships, you’ll be served complimentary wine.

After our journey comes to an end and you return to shore, you will find yourself perfectly positioned to continue immersing yourself in the Sydney Vivid Festival on foot, as the harbour is conveniently located near easily accessible public transportation!

What to Consider

Food-related Queries

  • Meal and wine included; other beverages on board are available for purchase at regular bar prices.
  • Our menu is gluten-free and vegetarian, though may be subject to change to ensure that produce is fresh.

Travel-related Queries

  • Tickets are $89 per person (regardless if an adult or child).
  • The tall ships are not wheelchair accessible
  • We recommend allotting enough time to travel to the harbour, as there may be road closures, crowds, and heavy traffic during this timeframe.
  • Boarding and check-in time is only 15 minutes before departure.

Enjoy An Even Better Sydney Vivid With Sydney Tall Ships!

Excited for the Festival and ready to book in advance? Don’t wait! Tickets for an unforgettable Sydney Harbour dinner cruise on our vessels, the Soren Larsen and the Southern Swan, are currently available for 6:00 PM and 7:45 PM departures, Monday to Sunday.
For more information, we recommend visiting Sydney Vivid’s official resources. As always, if you have any questions involving Sydney Tall Ships, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we would be happy to assist you!